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Purple Hearts for Purple Day 2023

What is Purple Day?

Celebrated annually on March 26, Purple Day aims to increase the public’s understanding of epilepsy. Cassidy Megan from Canada founded the first event in 2008. Motivated by her own diagnosis and struggles of living with epilepsy, she realised the importance of helping others to understand more about this neurological condition. Purple Day is an international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. On March 26th annually, people in countries around the world are invited to wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy awareness.

Our Purple Hearts for Purple Day campaign.
We want you to get involved to help support those living with epilepsy and those who have lost someone to epilepsy / SUDEP.

To mark this year's Purple Day, we ask you to join our Purple Hearts for Purple Day campaign. 

#PurpleHearts #PurpleDay2023

How to get involved

You can take part in Purple Hearts for Purple Day to raise awareness and share messages to get others talking about epilepsy, and epilepsy risks.

We will be sending 650 handmade purple hearts to Parliament, so that one is placed in the pigeonhole of every MP. Message your MP and ask them to wear their heart in the week leading up to Purple Day on the 26th and get them to share their photos on social media too, tagging us in. Not sure who your local MP is? Find out here

The hearts were handknitted by members of the Knit & Chat group at the Wantage Methodist Church. These hearts represent the warm heart of our supporter community, raising awareness so that future lives can be saved. 

If you would like to crochet or knit your own purple hearts to help raise funds and awareness in your local area, there are lots of simple patterns you can find online. You could ask for donations for SUDEP Action in exchange for a heart or use them to help decorate your window for Purple Day.  

Get in touch via [email protected] to let us know your purple plans!

You can support SUDEP Action and raise awareness and funds this Purple Day. From selling purple cakes to dying your hair purple, we want you to get involved.

  • Fill in the registration form below to show your support, and access free downloadable resources.
  • Download and print the SUDEP Action Purple Hearts for Purple Day poster by registering through the form below to hang in your window, pin on noticeboards or use as part of a creative display.
  • Add our Purple Hearts for Purple Day social media banners to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to show others you’re supporting us on March 26.
  • Share our campaign messages with others to spread the word about our work and what we do. Retweet using #PurpleHearts   #PurpleDay2023 

Be inspired – and inspire others

  • Are you holding an event to raise funds? Let us know and we can share the details on our social media platforms.
  • Why not wear something purple and share your photos with us on social media. Encourage others to do the same – if you can make a donation too, thank you!
  • We would be grateful if you could tell others about us and what we do. Share our social posts with friends and family – the more people who know about us, the more people we can support.

Join us and share your photos on FacebookInstagram, or tweet SUDEP Action

To register for Purple Day on Sunday 26 March and get instant access to our Purple Day 2023 Resources fill in the form below: