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Write to your MP or Policy Maker for SUDEP Action Day 2022

Can you #TalkSudepNow with your MP this SUDEP Action Day?

One great way to get involved in SUDEP Action Day 2022 is to contact your local MP or local policy makers (eg: Councillors, politicians, mayors).

Many MPs support the work of SUDEP Action and get involved in SUDEP Action Day. But some don’t, and many are also still not aware of SUDEP or that they can help us to help people with epilepsy to live safer lives. SUDEP Action Day is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of this with your local MP and local policy makers (eg: Town and County Councillors).

This year we’re holding an event in Parliament on SUDEP Action Day for MPs – it would be great if you can encourage your MP to come meet with us!

MPs can help influence national changes & give some support to your local area. Your (town and county) Councillors represent their local community and are involved in shaping local services including health services.  

Find your local MP and their contact details here:
You can also find your local Councillors here:

Resources to help (UK):

File SUDEP Action Day 2022 - MP/Policy Maker Template Letter & Briefing

If you live outside of the UK, you may be able to adapt these resources to suit, and you can check here if an organisation local to you is also supporting SUDEP Action Day.

Important points to remember:

  • MPs can only respond to people who live in their constituency – could your family and friends who live elsewhere also get involved by writing to their MP and policy makers?
  • MPs get a lot of letters/emails, so it will take them time to reply to you. If you haven’t heard back from them in a couple of weeks, consider giving their constituency office a call or see if they have a local surgery where you can speak to them in person.
  • Sometimes MPs will have questions or may want to take action because of your letter. Please send them to SUDEP Action so we can help them & provide extra information on the work we’re already doing with MPs and policy makers – They can contact us here.
  • Please let us know if you contact and get a reply from your local MP or policy maker! This helps us know what impact our supporters are having, and which MPs are can be asked to support our campaigns further in Parliament.

Find out more ways you can get involved in SUDEP Action Day here: