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There are at least 21 epilepsy deaths a week, our studies show that many of these deaths could be avoided. 

SUDEP Action is dedicated to funding the prevention of epilepsy deaths including Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) and supporting families who are suddenly bereaved. Our death prevention work includes research, awareness, and education. Our support includes advice on inquest processes, a free support line to help those living with grief, and enablement of those bereaved to take action to help prevent future deaths. 

The following chart is a breakdown of our spend in 2017/2018: 

Annual Report 2017

You can read the annual reports below to see how money has been spent this year and in previous years.

Any funds received unless for specified purposes, will be used towards the national PREVENT21 campaign
Reaching the campaign target of £1 million will speed up the valuable work with partners and agencies to focus on what can be done through research and action. Helping to stop unnecessary deaths now and in the future, as well as develop the work alongside families who have been suddenly bereaved.   

You can make the difference

This campaign follows a successful 2014 appeal for funding a clinical research trial for a life-saving wearable alert device. These successful trials have now led to the largest future investment in SUDEP research and development funding in the UK for 21 years.


Annual Reports

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