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SUDEP Action took part in the Talkhealth Online Clinic on Epilepsy which ran from 16 to 23 May 2014.  The clinic was be presented by NHS Choices and Talkhealth.

About talkhealth

talkhealth is one of the UK’s leading online social health communities, providing FREE interactive support and information on a wide range of health conditions. Unique to talkhealth is their monthly online clinic service run in collaboration with NHS Choices, national charities and medical experts. 

Each clinic focuses on a different health related topic and Epilepsy was the topic from 16 to 23 May 2014. The clinic provides the opportunity to post questions to a wide range of medical experts for free. SUDEP Action Acting Chief Executive Karen Osland was on the panel along with epilepsy experts. 

Community activity included the talkhealth bloggers network, twitter interactivity, online chat forums, and the sharing of members’ stories.  In addition under the ‘freebie’ section new products are posted daily offering the chance for everyone to win, plus updates on all the latest talkhealth surveys and trials run on behalf of clients. 

To learn more about the epilepsy clinic please visit the Talkhealth Online Clinic website