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Taking Care at Christmas

The SUDEP Action team will be thinking of those bereaved by epilepsy, not only today but every day, here to support you where we can.

Someone is Missing at Christmas

Let this be a loving reminder that someone is missing today.
Someone our hearts still hold on to.
As we travel along life’s way,
Someone who made life so special, 
For all those who gather here.
Someone who won’t be forgotten,
But cherished from year to year.
And now as we pause to remember,
Let us all fondly recall,
How each of us loved them,
And oh, how they loved us.

By Genie Graveline.


We are here for you

Christmas is not a merry time for everyone, and it can ignite painful memories and reminders of what you have lost. Although every day can be difficult, there are certain times of the year that can be particularly difficult, and the Christmas season can be one of them.

Advance planning of the day and telling family and friends what you can and cannot do can be hard but helpful, remember it’s okay to say no; your needs come first.

 Some people may want to do something different rather than traditional; others may celebrate Christmas in a bigger and better way, as the person they lost loved it so much. Ultimately you should do what you feel would be most helpful for you.

Please remember to be kind to yourself, and try not to put yourself under too much pressure.


Opening hours

The support line at SUDEP Action is available throughout the build-up to Christmas, don’t go through it on your own, we are here to help in any way we can. Contact us on 01235 772852 or email us at

Please note that our support line will be closed from Tuesday 25 December until the Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

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