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The shock and trauma of an epilepsy related death can be devastating as in most cases it is sudden and unexpected.

Sudden death is known to lead to complications for the people left behind. People can have many questions about the death which leaves them stuck and unable to move through their grief, which in turn may cause extreme psychological difficulties in the future.

SUDEP Action offer immediate telephone support after a death, as well as on-going support for people where deaths have happened years before.  Each milestone and anniversary can be difficult, our support is ongoing and open ended. 

Once the bereaved have reached out and made initial contact, we reach out to them providing regular calls until they are ready to stop. This continuity of support is quite unique within bereavement charities.  The majority of time the bereaved are able to speak to the same person within the team and we know from feedback that this can be very comforting.

At SUDEP Action we provide specialist information about epilepsy deaths as well as information on the inquest process, which for most can seem very daunting. The support team have specialist skills and knowledge and understand some reactions a person might experience. We offer a holistic approach that takes into account that a sudden death can be very complex in its nature, we know from experience that we can offer tailored specialist help that for many is a life-line.

If you would like support, please remember the support team are here for you. Whatever you may be going through and however recent or long ago the death was – don’t go through it on your own, we are here to help you in any way we can.

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