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SUDEP experts overview

Our partnerships around the world have helped us develop a unique knowledge repository. Read from the experts about:

SUDEP Action works in partnership with Epilepsy Australia and SUDEP Aware to produce expert overviews of developments in SUDEP research and action on SUDEP.  

The second editon of the global discussion, Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy: continuing the global conversation was launched on 29 August 2011 at the 29th International Epilepsy Congress, Rome.  This edition is a collection of considered observations by leading experts in their field of science, medicine, law, communication, and epilepsy advocacy.  All gave of their time and expertise freely. 

This is a free publication in the interest of community awareness and understanding.  This book and the previous 2005 edition can both be downloaded from the SUDEP Global Conversation website.

Over 60 expert overviews to choose from.  Just 10 of the chapters you may be interested in : 

  1. Epilepsy kills by Josemir Sander
  2. SUDEP: incidence and predisposing factors by Torbjorn Tomson
  3. SUDEP and matters of the heart by Rainer Surges
  4. SUDEP heart and brain link by Emily Tu
  5. Seizure-related respiratory factors in SUDEP Masud Seyal & Lisa M Bateman
  6. The role of serotonin in SUDEP by Gordon F Buchanan and George B Richerson
  7. Can supervision prevent SUDEP by Stephen Brown
  8. SUDEP and seizure prediction devices by Mark Cook
  9. SUDEP risk perception and communication by Laurel Austin
  10. SUDEP legal issues by Braxton Wannamaker