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SUDEP Awareness Day

In 2016 we invited people and organisations to Unite together and be part of SUDEP Awareness Day.

Our SUDEP Awareness Day campaign is a special event which brings organisations and people together to raise awareness of SUDEP Worldwide. Launched on 23 October 2014, it shines a light on the largest cause of death in people with epilepsy, helping empower those with the condition through increased awareness.

For 2016, our theme of SUDEP Awareness Day was ‘United Against SUDEP’. This theme was chosen as it represents not only the work we do together globally, but also what we accomplish working with others in our individual countries. We know from our work on SUDEP over the past 20 years, that we are stronger together and that much can be achieved with one voice.

The day brings great hope to families bereaved by SUDEP who are working to make change and reduce deaths in memory of those who have died. We believe that the best way to speed up advocacy and prevention of SUDEP is to be committed and united in our cause. The awareness day is a great opportunity to be a part of a worldwide campaign event to reduce SUDEP. In 2016, atleast 266 organisations, patient groups and bloggers were part of our united global voice.

They day is aimed at:

  • encouraging people with epilepsy to learn about SUDEP and ways in which they can manage their epilepsy in order to reduce their risk 
  • highlighting the need for more research into SUDEP which could help save lives 
  • raising awareness of SUDEP amongst the general public so if they meet someone with epilepsy they talk to them about it
  • commemorating the lives of all those who have died from the condition

The Campaign

As the awareness day fell on a Sunday in 2016, the main online campaign started on Friday 21st October to Sunday 23rd October with organisations and individuals sharing pictures and stories of their involvement and support for the campaign to help raise awareness. 

The colours used on the site and campaign visuals were orange, purple and yellow. Organisations and individuals were invited to incorporate the theme within their plans.

The leaflets below provided more information of how people could get involved? 

PDF iconPeople with Epilepsy


PDF iconHealth Professionals


PDF iconCampaigners

Poeple were also encouraged to show their support by:

  • supporting our social media campaign by liking, sharing, retweeting our posts on the 21st and 23rd using the hashtags:
  • using the free downloadable social media awareness resources on the 21st and 23rd
  • raising funds to support our work at SUDEP Action
  • encouraging people with epilepsy to learn about SUDEP
  • helping to raise awareness of safety and risk in epilepsy 
  • helping to promote doctor and patient discussions of SUDEP 
  • sharing their story with their local media to help raise awareness of SUDEP
  • sharing a link to the SUDEP Awareness Day website with SUDEP information

We also shared some Ideas for fundraising

You can hold any fundraising event you like on SUDEP Awareness Day, but download the following PDF for some inspiration:

PDF icon2016 SUDEP Awareness Day Fundraising Ideas


To get involved, you will need to register at or contact

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