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SUDEP Action's Prevent21 Summit


                            Prevent21 Summit


What is the Summit?

The Prevent21 Summit provides a valuable opportunity for research, clinical and advocacy leaders to come together to tackle epilepsy deaths and drive meaningful change. 21 years ago, this community identified the problem. This Summit will focus on what can, and is already being done now to tackle epilepsy deaths, coming together as a community to define how we can collaborate to create significant change.

This first Summit will be held this November 2018 in Oxford, with the theme - Time to Listen.


 The aims of the 2018 Prevent21 Summit are to:

  1. Highlight learnings on need, gaps and progress in relation to epilepsy deaths
  2. Explore key recommendations from panels and summit participants
  3. Provide opportunities for multi-stakeholder collaboration to tackle epilepsy deaths


Here is a sneak peek of how the event is shaping up - 

Prevent21 Summit


In attendance, we will have around 50 representatives from a wide spectrum of clinicians, policy makers, epilepsy organisations and medical professionals. Just to name a few:

Epilepsy Ireland  Epilepsy Action  NHS England Young Epilepsy  APPG  Ministry of Justice  ABN  Good Grief  ILAE

We are hoping the outcomes from the Summit will be published in a special supplement in the Journal 'Epilepsy and Behaviour', following the event.

More information and updates on this event, will be published in due course.


What can supporters do to help?

The voices of the bereaved community are vital at events like the Summit. If you would like to be part of those voices, why not get involved with our 1000voices project?

Every epilepsy death does count, so please add your voice and help us to be heard. 



Prevent21 Summit theme