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SUDEP Action Day 2021

SUDEP Action Day 2021


What is SUDEP Action Day?

SUDEP Action Day is a global day dedicated to raising awareness of epilepsy deaths. 

Launched by SUDEP Action on 23 October 2014 (as SUDEP Awareness Day), it shines a light on the largest cause of death in people with epilepsy, helping empower people through increased awareness and raise funds for SUDEP research.

Last year’s event, saw over 100 organisations take part globally to help raise awareness of SUDEP and epilepsy risks.


What is the this year's campaign theme?

This year's theme (2021) - #Time2Change

As leaders in SUDEP and epilepsy deaths for over 25 years, SUDEP Action know the topic of SUDEP raises questions and can be worrying for many to think about. But SUDEP Action Day is here to help people take positive steps towards reducing epilepsy risks.

Not everyone with epilepsy is aware of or told about SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death In Epilepsy) and epilepsy risks, which can put them in danger of worsening seizures, injury or of dying prematurely. Some health professionals worry that discussing these risks could frighten their patients. But these negative outcomes can be prevented for many people with epilepsy; and openly discussing these risks allows them to make informed choices about treatment and lifestyle and helps them take steps to reduce any risks.

SUDEP Action Day 2021

People with epilepsy and their families WANT to be told about SUDEP and epilepsy risks. Many bereaved families were NOT told about SUDEP and wish that this vital information had been shared as it might have saved their loved one’s life.

It is #Time2Change this. So that every person with epilepsy, their families and health professional are not only aware of these risks (which can lead to death if ignored) but are able to take an active role in discussing, reviewing and reducing them.

Whether you have a little time, or a lot; if you can take #Time2Change just one thing for SUDEP Action Day, you will be raising much needed awareness which could help people with epilepsy around the world live safely and – help save lives! 

How can I get involved?

If it's sharing our messaging, your experiences, taking part in our special 5k event, or remembering a loved one - we encourage you take part this October.

Visit our SUDEP Action Day microsite to access free downloadable materials, and to find out more about how you can get involved.

You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter and/or join the Facebook event to keep up to date with the latest information.

For more ideas, help or support, contact us on [email protected] 
We look forward to hearing and seeing how you get involved.