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SUDEP Action’s 5 Weeks of new events & inspirational reflections over 25 years

Donate or pledge to raise funds to help us achieve our £5,000 target to support the work of SUDEP Action this year and join us so we can continue to be there for all those who need us in 2021 and beyond.

To take part, reflect and raise funds over 5 weeks from 14th June – 16th July join our new Facebook group. Discover new events you can take part in and read inspirational reflections on your incredible fundraising from today, and over the last 25 years.

Each week will be themed around one of SUDEP Action’s 5 core values, values which you support through your fundraising and through your pledges.

Week one: Pioneering – bringing innovations to prevent deaths where there were none

Week two: Courageous – being the voice of families to stop this happening, using private pain for public purpose

Week three: Collaborative – working ethically with others to share expertise and create change, working together to avoid duplication

Week four: Impactful – making a difference to the bereaved, changing clinical practice and policy

Week five: Compassionate – caring, supporting and being a trusted lifeline to families

Each day, Monday to Friday, we will be sharing stories of your past fundraising achievements and promoting some new challenges, activities and opportunities that you can take part in - to help us continue to deliver our services throughout 2021 to those living with epilepsy and those bereaved by epilepsy.

Join our 5 Weeks of Virtual Summer events and reflection and help us bring the SUDEP Action supporter family together to share, remember, inspire and take part.

To find out more about how you can take part and help SUDEP Action raise £5,000 this summer use this link to join our Facebook group or email the fundraising team on [email protected]

We hope you will join us this summer and reflect on your incredible fundraising achievements.


Thank you!