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Remembering SUDEP Action in your will

Would you like to leave a legacy to SUDEP Action?

Have you considered leaving a legacy to SUDEP Action in your will? SUDEP Action is striving to put an end to epilepsy deaths.  Whilst we are doing everything we can today, we need to be confident that we can continue to fund cutting edge research into epilepsy deaths as well as disseminating that research so the next generation can benefit from it.

Please consider helping SUDEP Action by leaving a legacy to us.  Everyone who leaves a gift to SUDEP Action will be making a real difference to our work.  If you would like further information on legacies, then please contact our team on 01235 772850 or email.

If you have not made a will yet, you can do so online at the will site or contact your local solicitor.  We would always advise that you consider taking independent advice before drawing up or amending a will.

You may also like to consider using Will Aid.

Please contact us if you are considering leaving a legacy to SUDEP Action and we can give you further information.


Why I’m leaving a legacy

By Roger Scrivens

“When my wife Sandie and I lost our youngest daughter Becky (11) in May 2004 to SUDEP, our world fell apart. But, something inside keeps you going and something “outside” helped that process. The “outside” I speak of was Epilepsy Bereaved [SUDEP Action's origional name]. The charity helped us through our darkest days and provided a cathartic channel along which we ventured, with trepidation at first and then wholeheartedly. We have attended charity gatherings and have been involved in many fund raising events in memory of Becky. Towards the end of 2009, I was invited to join the Charity’s Board of Trustees, an opportunity which I was delighted to accept.”

"We are all mortal and I decided some while ago that when I pass on, I wanted to leave a bequest to benefit the Charity. I have made sure that Epilepsy Bereaved are now included in my will. To me, it will be a tangible way of saying a final thank you to an organisation that has helped me continue my life following my saddest of days”.

It is a common myth that only the rich and famous leave money to charity when they die.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The reality is that we all have it in our power to change the world for the better after we go.