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Regular Giving at SUDEP Action



There are three ways to give regularly to SUDEP Action and make a difference which is on-going and has a positive impact in helping the charity continue to run the core services our beneficiaries rely on day to day. Giving regularly is beneficial for SUDEP Action because it means the charity has a better idea of future income, so can plan for activities and services more effectively.

Ways to give regularly include:

  • Regular Giving by Direct Debit (done via our website)
  • Regular Giving by standing order (payments directly to the SUDEP Action account which are organised by you through your bank)
  • Regular Giving through an approved Give as You Earn (GAYE) agency

Regular Giving by Direct Debit

This is the most popular way to give to charity regularly.  Debits can be organised so they are monthly, quarterly or annually and can be gift aided, if you are eligible.  To give regularly by Direct Debit all you need to do is to visit the donations page on our website, select ‘regular donation’ and complete the information required.  We will do the rest and notify you when to confirm the Direct Debit has been set up.

Regular Giving by Standing Order

To make a regular gift by standing order you will need to contact the SUDEP Action fundraising team for our bank details.  You can then organise the standing order directly with your bank or building society.  If you are eligible and would like to gift aid these donations you will also need to complete a gift aid form.  We can post or email this to you for completion and return.

Regular Giving through a Government approved Give as You Earn Agency

Could you support SUDEP Action and Give as You Earn? 
Payroll Giving is a tax efficient way to make regular gifts which support the SUDEP Action services our beneficiaries rely on. Donations are taken from your pay before tax (but after National Insurance), so a monthly gift of £10 only costs you only £8 if you pay tax at 20%, or £6 if you pay tax at 40%.
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