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The outlook for my epilepsy

Today the outlook for the majority of people with epilepsy (over half a million in the UK) is very good. You can find out about a range of different treatments and there is good advice available and resources.

Medication should help most people control their seizures.  You need to be on the right medication and to be taking it regularly.  If you have been on your medication for some time and you are still having seizures it is important to see your doctor.  There are usually options for other medications and other treatments.  For some this may include opting for surgery. 

Some people have epilepsy for many years.  Some seizures may be difficult to control and can be spontaneous and unpredictable. 

Although risk varies widely from person to person and may relate to your age, type of epilepsy, type of seizures and other factors, it is often possible to identify triggers and to take positive action.