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This is to warn others who suffer with epilepsy…

Anthony had epilepsy from the age of 10 months but his seizures were quite well controlled. When he was 18 or so, he wanted to do the things his mates were doing, going out drinking and playing pool. I told him that drinking and taking medication would not mix so he stopped taking his meds, hiding them, which I wasn’t aware of.

He went into hospital with three grand mal seizures in November and was detained overnight. The following day I went to pick him up and the nurse told him ‘If you don’t take your medication your seizures are going to kill you’. I was stunned for words, that I had not been told what was going on. Anthony started taking his meds again but on the morning of 29th January 2004, my dog was pining. I went  upstairs and found my beloved boy dead on the bedroom floor. It was the worst day of my life. I miss him so much and will never get over that horrible morning.

RIP my handsome boy, I love you and miss you millions.

Kay (Anthony’s mum)