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Statement from our Fundraising Team

SUDEP Action is incredibly grateful for all the support we receive from our fundraisers and we understand how devastating it feels when events you have carefully planned and organised or worked hard to train for are cancelled or postponed.  
We understand that it is important to you, our fundraisers, to be able to continue to raise vital awareness of SUDEP and epilepsy deaths, as a tribute to someone who has died suddenly. We also understand the national emergency the UK is facing at this time and the importance front line workers face, and that people with epilepsy, bereaved families and all people needing help can continue to access services.  
If you find you have had to cancel or postpone an event due to safety restrictions in place, we would like to assure you that we are here by your side to support you.  
If you have questions or concerns regarding your fundraising event we encourage you to get in touch by phone on 01235 752850 or by email at [email protected] 

If you feel you need emotional support at this time, we encourage you to contact our support line on 01235 772852 or [email protected]  
SUDEP Action is incredibly grateful for everything you do to support our work and to remember someone you have lost by raising awareness of risks and enabling the charity to be there to provide support whenever it is needed. 

Page updated 23 March 2020