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Lives Cut Short - tell your MP


Will your local MP & Policy Makers support the Lives Cut Short report's urgent recommendations?

Help us spread awareness of the Lives Cut Short report to those who help make national and local decisions by contacting your local MP or local policy makers (eg: Town and/or County Councillors). Their role is to represent their local community. They may also be involved in shaping services or they may be in a good position to help raise awareness by asking questions of Government for example. 

SUDEP Action has some incredibly supportive MPs who help us make sure our voice is heard in Parliament, but there are many more who aren’t aware about the urgent need to tackle epilepsy deaths, including those from SUDEP.

Many are also unaware of the new danger facing those with epilepsy, and the additional challenges those bereaved by epilepsy are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We must make sure steps are put in place now to improve the safety of those living with epilepsy and to better support those suddenly bereaved by the condition.Lives Cut Short

Resources and services already exist to help with this - Government must help us get these recognised, implemented and used across the UK if we are to prevent some of the sudden often avoidable deaths happening weekly across the country, leaving families devastated and traumatised. 

How to make contact:
Whether you’ve spoken to your MP / local Councillor before, or if this is your first time writing to them – this can really help us raise local and national awareness. 

While many MPs may not be holding traditional local surgeries at the moment because of COVID-19, they may be offering virtual/digital alternatives where you can speak to them about these key issues and share your story with them. 

Note - it may take a few weeks for you to receive a reply, so be prepared for this (but you may wish to consider a quick email or call to their office to check your original contact was received if you don't hear back after 3 weeks).

Find your local MP and their contact details here:
You can also find your local Councillors here:

Resources to help you:

 File Lives Cut Short - MP Template Letter

 PDF icon Lives Cut Short - SUDEP Action

Please do let us know if you've written to your local MP or policy maker (& share a copy of replies you receive) as this really helps us show the impact of the Lives Cut Short report, & is really important with our own work with MPs and policy makers. 

Thank you for your support