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Impact of COVID-19 - published research

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, SUDEP Action ran two leading research projects looking at the impact of the pandemic on people with epilepsy, epilepsy healthcare workers and on those bereaved by epilepsy. 

These studies were the largest of their kind and over 3500 people participated from around the world and were collaborations with the University of Oxford, Newcastle University and the Epilepsy Deaths Register

Thank you to all the people with epilepsy, healthcare workers and those bereaved by epilepsy who took part in the surveys and helped us with these important pieces of research.
Your input has helped us show how vital it is that lessons are learnt from the pandemic to reduce risks and keep people safer in future. It has given us vital information to share with policy makers which show the urgency of making epilepsy a priority in healthcare, and how the needs of those bereaved by epilepsy cannot be forgotten about. 

Read more about our published research here: 

Impact on UK people with epilepsy research paper and summary 

Impact on UK epilepsy healthcare workers research paper and summary

Impact on UK people bereaved by epilepsy research paper and summary

Lives Cut Short - A policy report on the above UK findings

Impact on US people with epilepsy research paper and summary

Impact on Brazilian people with epilepsy research paper