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I'm moving forward

Moving forward after an epilepsy related death is not about moving on, it’s not about forgetting, but more about regaining a little control and adapting to life. Daring to step out from the dark place and look for something that may bring hope.

As time moves on, you may experience personal growth.  Of course, the reason for this growth was painful, it wasn’t wanted, but never the less it has happened, out of tragedy has come strength.

You have perhaps for some time, existed in a world that is unfamiliar to you and now feel ready to do something that will bring some normality.  You may feel motivated to do something that you have never done or wanted to do before.  Your motivation may be that you don’t want this to happen to anyone else, that you want to bring something positive out of something negative, so that the person you have lost will not have died in vain.

We are able to support you as you move forward, to provide information and guidance on what is available to you and to support you in the ups and down’s of that journey.

Our support team are available to talk to you, to explore your options and to look at what best suits your strengths and personality.

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