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It is well known that bereaved people find comfort from knowing that someone, somewhere understands a little of how they feel. Finding others who have been affected by an epilepsy related death can help to normalise things.

Reading through the personal stories on our website may help you to feel less alone.  If you would like to share your story with others please contact our support team:

Tel 01235 772852  Email:

Epilepsy deaths are often sudden and unexpected, connecting in some way may help you to find some answers to your many questions.  Being with others is also an opportunity for you to remove the mask and be yourselves without having to be brave for others.

We provide opportunities for you to connect with others bereaved by epilepsy, via:

  • Our on-line discussion forum
  • Our story pages
  • Our charity meetings
  • Our memorial service


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Register a Death
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Telephone counselling