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Are you thinking of fundraising for SUDEP Action? Take a look at our fantastic fundraising booklet which is full of advice, ideas and inspiration.

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If you can’t download the booklet then email or call Katie on 01235 772850 and we can send you a hard copy by post.  

We are here to help. Contact us on 01235 772850 or email us to discuss ideas.  We are passionate about helping you come up with an idea that is right for you.

How will we use the money you raise?

    No one should have to go through the agony of a loved one dying from epilepsy. With your support, through research and awareness, we can try to stop this agony from happening. 

    No one should have to grieve alone. With your help we can provide a support service for those bereaved from epilepsy, offering a listening ear and advice on the next step to take.
•    Everyone who needs to know about SUDEP should be having that conversation with their health professional, sensitively, on or shortly after diagnosis. With your support we can educate medical professionals to help them understand SUDEP and risk factors so they can then provide information to their patients, enabling them to make lifestyle decisions to reduce their risk. We can also provide a free downloadable app for people with epilepsy (EpSMon) to help them self-manage their condition and talk to their health professional about their SUDEP risk.
•    Every case of SUDEP should be accurately diagnosed and reported. Every death should be researched and analysed and any lessons learnt shared with the medical community to prevent future deaths. Our Epilepsy Deaths Register provides a place for people to report an epilepsy death and the circumstances around the death so we can then use this information to try to prevent other deaths, making every epilepsy death count. 

The work we do is only possible thanks to people like you. Thank you for deciding to help. 

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