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Making every epilepsy death count
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21 people die from an epilepsy death in the UK every week.

We are the leading epilepsy death prevention and bereavement support charity in the UK.  We were the first to recognise epilepsy mortality and the first to try to stop it.  

We welcome enquiries from charitable trusts and foundations; who are interested in our area of work, and we seek both unrestricted funding to support our core activities, as well as restricted grants for specific projects within the following areas of activity:
Reaching more GPs and health professionals to inform them of the devastating and proven reality of SUDEP, to enable them to duly advise all epilepsy patients
Providing information and support to children and young people with epilepsy as well as their families, so they can reduce their risk and thereby manage their epilepsy with all known risks 
Forging further forward with our own dedicated research into the cause and prevention of sudden death
Continuing to deliver the bespoke and expert support for those bereaved from epilepsy and helping them to carry on to rebuild their lives
We have already proven that our current tools and knowledge are preventing deaths today. Your funding can help us to save more lives. 
If you would like to discuss opportunities to support our work and understand more about the significant impact a grant will make, please contact [email protected]