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If you’ve already downloaded EpSMon you are ready to start using it to help you self-monitor and check your epilepsy risks. Below are some useful tips to help you get started and make the most of the App.

1. If you haven’t already, watch the introductory video which give you a quick run through of how EpSMon works. Have a question? Contact us via [email protected]

2. Let your Doctor or Epilepsy Specialist know that you are using EpSMon to monitor your risk at your next scheduled appointment. They may not have heard about the app, so why not take along an EpSMon leaflet so they can read about it and tell others about it too?

3. Before your next appointment with the clinician who monitors your epilepsy, look at your most recent EpSMon assessment to see what has been flagged as important, or that has changed (improved or gotten worse) with your health  - making a list of these & any questions you have might be helpful in asking for the right support. 

4. If your clinician would like to know more about how to support you and their other patients who have epilepsy in monitoring their risks - point them to the SUDEP Action website ( - and their free resources and leaflets to help clinicians with this.   

5. EpSMon will send you a prompt 3 months after each assessment to remind you to carry out a new check - this is really important as we know changes can happen quickly in a person's epilepsy or overall health, which could be fatal if ignored. If you are likely to ignore a single reminder, or might forget to do a new check, why not put a note in your diary/calendar to remind you?

6. If you know others with epilepsy it would be great if you could tell them about EpSMon. The more people who know about the app & the importance of self-monitoring their epilepsy / risks, the more potentially avoidable epilepsy-deaths we can help to prevent.

7. Don’t forget to leave a review in the App Store to help encourage others to use EpSMon or share your feedback with us via [email protected]

SUDEP Action work with the leading epilepsy experts to share free, up to date information with people with epilepsy, their families and their clinicians about epilepsy risks. Not everyone wants to talk about this & it can seem worrying, but we know its really important, something our bereaved families know too well. So we want to share information on epilepsy risks, to help people can make informed choices and take steps to live well with their epilepsy.

Check out our information pages and our information leaflets to find out more.

Not convinced you need to be aware of risk or that EpSMon is for you?


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