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EpSMon - Epilepsy Self-Monitor

Welcome to EpSMon – the mobile App designed to help you keep safe whilst getting on with your day to day living 


Life can get busy. Keeping track of your epilepsy or general well-being may not be easy. National guidelines encourage regular review of your epilepsy with your GP, but this may only be once in a year. How do you check your risk the rest of the time?

How Do You Check Your Risk?

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EpSMon can help you self-monitor in between your visits to doctors. Fatalities including Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) do happen in some people with epilepsy. The good news is that there is action people can take to improve known risk factors.

EpSMon will show you which risks are getting better, which have worsened and which have stayed the same so you can show this to your GP. It can also help you decide whether to seek help earlier than your next planned visit.

EpSMon is designed so that you can be aware of why and when a medical review of your epilepsy is important.

EpSMon cannot guarantee that you are never at risk, but it can help you self-monitor and take action if needed.

Features of EpSMon

You can view an introductory video below, although the beauty of EpSMon is that it is simple to use and does not need a tutorial.

After giving an initial reading you will be prompted every 3 months to complete an assessment, which will evaluate any changes to your risks. 

The assessment process is quick and easy. The report can be shown to your GP during your next appointment. 

EpSMon contains information on risks of seizures including SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) and the factors which may affect your health risks from having epilepsy.

Anonymous data about your epilepsy is uploaded to help future research into reducing the risks of epilepsy.

Currently available on iOS and Android in the UK for use by those over 18 years old (See FAQs for details).  For other versions, including interntational releases, please register your interest below.

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Who Are We?

EpSMon is created by a team of partners based at Plymouth University; Cornwall Foundation NHS Trust; Royal Cornwall Hospital and SUDEP Action. It is funded by the partners and is a digital version of the SUDEP and Seizure Safety Check List .  The Check List Project was funded by Kt's Fund, following the sudden death of a young nurse. 

Plymouth UniversityCornwall Partnership NHS TrustRoyal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Extra Information

Additional information about EpSMon can be found on these pages:

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Contact us

For questions and queries about EpSMon please contact us either via:

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Phone: 0330 088 2122

Please read the ‘FAQ’ & ‘Extra information and resources pages first.

Register to hear about future releases

If you would like to register your interest in EpSMon and receive further information regarding the release of international versions, please provide us with your email using the box below.