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SUDEP Action supporters take on Santa Run

Five enthusiastic runners took part in the London Victoria Park Santa Run in support of SUDEP Action. Three runners Yvonne Causeway, Emma Morgan and Neil Brown told us about their participation in this 5k and 10 event on 7 December, 2014. 

Yvonne commented: “I completed the Santa 5km Run in memory our only Son Phillip, aged 21 years old, who died of an epileptic seizure on March 5th, 2014. My husband Peter and I thought that competing in this event would raise awareness of this very tragic condition which affects many families all over the world."

"We hope the money raised will help towards research and trying to prevent others going through this terrible trauma. We must support each other and hope one day there will be a cure. I thank SUDEP Action for putting Peter and myself in touch with other families in the same position.”

Neil and his girlfriend both ran in support of the charity, he said: “I'm sure there were others there and I'm happy to know I was amongst other supporters. I myself have Epilepsy that first presented itself when I was 19. Now at 38 I'm still fighting it and aside from a few injuries I feel I'm winning.”

“Well to those at SUDEP Action, keep the good work and research going. Epilepsy in general is more known these days but as we all know SUDEP in itself is still considered fairly taboo. It's not discussed openly amongst even the neurologists to avoid scaring the newly diagnosed but it still needs to be talked about. Take care all and maybe see you at another run soon.”

Emma, who has wanted to raise funds for SUDEP Action for a while told us: "When the opportunity to do a Santa run came I decided this was my chance to raise funds for SUDEP Action. It was a very last minute decision. I only had something like 1 month to raise money and train hard. But I was determined."

"On the day I surprised myself and my family by managing to do the 10km run without stopping and doing it in a time of 1 hour 20 minutes. It just shows you anyone can do it!”

“I have never felt so proud to be running with 2000 other Santas around Victoria Park. It was an amazing sight! All I can say is thank you to everyone for their support! One piece of advice for anyone thinking about raising money for charity, just go ahead and do it. Don't let anything stop you! It's an incredible thing to say you have been a part of it but more importantly you have raised money to help improve people's lives for the better."