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SUDEP Action Day 2020 - CEO blog



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I am looking forward at being alongside this year for SUDEP Action Day, 23rd October.

SUDEP Action Day is more important than ever before. It’s taking place in a time of global crisis, and it serves to shine a light on what we can all do, to help play our part, to help save lives, during the pandemic.

SUDEP accounts for the largest part of epilepsy deaths, and is perhaps the less well known, and that is why SUDEP Action Day is so important. Some people in some places, still do not know that SUDEP exists. A lot of people still don’t know what their personal risks are, and what they can do themselves to help address those personal risks, and how they can access help to support them with vital interventions that can help them with their own situation, helping their personal centred risks.

There is no one solution for SUDEP, other than knowledge can save lives. Personalised centred knowledge about SUDEP, can help save lives now.
So we hope that you will join us, for SUDEP Action Day, in this most difficult of years, so that we can be together - to connect and share this day with hundreds of organisations and people around the world, so that we can get these vital messages out together.

This is in tribute to all those who have died from epilepsy, and it tells the world that these people will have not died in vain, because in their memory, we bring these life saving messages, to the whole community, so that people can live well.

On this SUDEP Action Day, you can join us, our theme is #SpeakUp2SaveLives

People can do that in all sorts of ways. Most of the SUDEP Action team are taking part in the My Way to 5K event that week, to raise awareness in their community. Sharing messages about SUDEP awareness.

Other people are writing letters to MPs.
Other people are sharing social media messaging.

Whatever it is, all that is important, is that we are doing this together, that we are on the same path.
And we are doing this because we care about people with epilepsy.

Last year, we had 100 organisations and thousands of people take part in SUDEP Action Day.

So please have a look at the SUDEP Action Day website for this year.

We look forward to hearing about all the different ways that you get involved.

For now, from all the SUDEP Action team, take care and stay safe.

Jane Hanna OBE