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Remembering Carolyn Sandland 10 years on – 22 of October 2015

By Sandra Sandland

The day dawned when Carolyn’s ashes would finally be buried with her beloved grandma. The church was full as folks gathered from near and far. Some knew Carolyn, many did not, but it was an opportunity to learn about SUDEP. 

It was the church where Carolyn went to Sunday school, and where her mum still worships. Carolyn’s casket was placed on the mobile Baptismal Font given in Carolyn’s memory, placed on pink lace surrounded by white roses and lilies as Carolyn requested following the sudden loss of her Dad and Grandparents. The Communion service remembers our Lord’s sacrifice and reminds us of our hope of heaven and God’s continuing love and presence in our lives. 

The cemetery was bathed in warm sunlight, as Carolyn’s casket of ashes and white roses were laid to rest, with her beloved grandma Elsie her best pal, together forever. 

Later we watched the new DVD, a work in progress, ‘CELEBRATING CAROLYN’S LIFE’. Photos, music and Carolyn singing at school and with grandma, dancing with her gran, moments with cousins and even on TV with Robbie Williams. All were moved to see our beautiful Carolyn alive and well and were encouraged to read about epilepsy and SUDEP, and to share the information. A memorable occasion.