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Big Fundraising Events

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Rachel Groves
Big Fundraising Events

Hi all

I wondered if this is a good place for people to post ideas about a big natinal fundraising event - or forming a committee.

I know some people were keen to make the evening in Dunchurch into a fundraising night and others were keen to look at starting a ball or some kind of festival. Maybe we could start discussions here to see if we have groups of people keen to pursue different ideas and see where it takes us?



Caron robinson (not verified)

My idea was for the saturday evening..after the conference at Dunchurch.

we hold a BALL...selling tickets...








what do we all think....?

Ball i

I agree with Caron...I think that with using an event last week and turning it into a fundraising event. 


Jannie B (not verified)
SUDEP Main Event

I am up for being on the committee, for a Fundraising Event / Ball.  We should call on all the contacts we have and others in the SUDEP areana such as The Warm for the live music.


Jack Megson (not verified)
I think in our local regions

I think in our local regions SUDEP Action supporters could team up to organise a fun run, possibly a quick 5km race in fancy dress, get lots of people to sing up to raise awarness of SUDEP and raise lots of money!!


PS i think the ball is a good idea as well



Anonymous (not verified)
sorry for any spelling

sorry for any spelling mistakes!


At the conference Wendy and I thought a music festival sounded a great idea to get many young people aware of the charity. Now I'm home, it sounds like a huge ask to organise that from scratch!

A big event sounds a good idea but where would we hold it and committee members would be spread all over the country? 

The Dunchurch idea sounds nice but would that not be the current SUDEP supporters organising, attending and donating? Don't we want to spread our reach massively to others?

Rachel S

Rachel Groves

Hi all

Thanks so much for your thoughts. I hope you don't get frustrated with us for being slow to respond, - it's just I've been mulling over what's best to do to help turn your enthusiasm into something concrete!

Geography seems the obvious hurdle for us to overcome here, but some initial thoughts on your ideas follow and then some suggestions for how we could take things further.

Dunchurch fundraising night

We've had a chat about the fundraising idea for the Dunchurch night and here's where we ended up:

We thought it would be a good idea to revamp the Saturday night at Dunchurch and that having some sort of fundraising element, such as raffle or auction would be a great idea, but we were keen to keep it optional, rather than have a huge ball type thing for the evening. The main reason for this is that we know from feedback that some people feel very guilty about having fun depending on where they are at in their bereavement journey, and we don't want to put them off from coming. 

Not sure if that's quite what you had in mind though ladies - just doing a bit of raffle & auction type thing?

Re Fun run for young people (Jack!) 

I couldn't agree with you more that we should be trying to get this sort of thing off the ground. Katie's going to email you about a fun-run in Leeds in the hope that maybe we can get a group of people together to take part in that. Sometimes doing our own event seems silly when there are existing things we can piggy back onto, but I'm not sure what you'' think about that? I will definitely keep my ears open for people who want to try and make a bespoke event of this sort happen.

Re Ball or Festival or similar.

I agree with Rachel S that it's probably not a great idea to start with something huge if it’s your first event. A festival to rival Reading probably has to be built up over 10 years and probably doesn't make any money in years 1- 3. 

Having said that, is it worth us trying to get together all of us to see if there are some common ideas we could take forward? 

Middle ground between all (with the exception of Jack who seems more naturally drawn to a sporting idea) is probably somewhere like Reading or Oxford. (not just that I’m trying to make it easy for myself I promise!!)

Is it worth us trying to organise a get-together to talk about fundraising ideas?  - it might be that we then decide it’s 2 different events that people want to do and we try to recruit other supporters to those committees.

What do you think?

Does it need to be a weekend? Are you up for it? Or are we too far apart?

All thoughts and comments gratefully appreciated




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