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Benjamin Coyle-Larner writes tribute song to his dad

Ben Coyle-Larner was selected for the BBC Sound of Music 2016 and wrote a tribute song for his dad Nicholas Stevens who passed away from SUDEP in 2014.  
The rapper from south London under the stage name, Loyle Carner, made it into the BBC Longlist of 2016,with his tribute song, Cantona.

Talking about why he had written the song, Ben said: “Yeah, I've written a few about my dad. He passed the year before last and the only way I could make any sense of how I felt was to write it down.” 

Twenty one year-old Ben told us about the moment he found out he had made it into the Longlist saying: “It actually came out of the blue. I only found out I was on the list a few days before it was announced. I was a little overwhelmed; I reckon my dad would've been over the moon.” 

Ben also discussed how he got involved in music, stating: “There’s always been music floating through my house throughout my whole life.”

Ben and his mum, Jean Coyle-Larner, have also been raising awareness with SUDEP Action. When asked what inspires him to raise awareness, Ben said: "It's vital to raise awareness of SUDEP so that people are able to reduce their risks as well as having access to advice, support and resources."

Commenting on what’s next for him, Ben said: “Scarily enough, I'm working on finishing my album at the moment. I’ve also got a European tour coming up.”

Ben’s Mum Jean commented:  “It's difficult to put into words how Ben has helped us to face our tremendous loss. His strength and support, as well as the incredibly moving, powerful tributes he has written and performed are an amazing way to honour his father's life. Nick would be so phenomenally proud and overwhelmed at everything Ben has achieved since his death.”
For more information and for the source of the image used in this story visit BBC Sound of Music 2016