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Charity Conferences


What is the National Conference?

This annual event is a great opportunity to hear all about what SUDEP Action have been working on and how YOUR support has helped. It’s also a chance to meet and be with people who understand.



What will happen during the Conference?

Conference is a chance to hear from the leading experts and research teams working with SUDEP Action to tackle epilepsy deaths: It's a great opportunity to hear some inspirational stories from supporters, as well as space and time to be with friends. A full agenda will be available to attendees prior to the event, but to get a better idea, take a look at what happend at this year's 2019 Conference

"Excellent event, most informative everbody works extremely hard. At times emotional, which is to be expected, and allows release of emotions......Thank you for making the event worth coming to, and it is always lovely to meet old friends and sadly new ones." - attendee of the National Conference 2019.

Please note that the SUDEP Action National Conference is mostly attended by those who have been bereaved by epilepsy, rather than a clinical conference (please get in touch if you are a clinician who would like to know more about what we do however). 

For more information about the Conference, please do contact us on [email protected] or 01235 772850.