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Company Support and Workplace Giving


There are many reasons why companies choose to support SUDEP Action and many ways we can work together. Working with you, SUDEP Action will create a unique partnership that brings tangible benefits to our supporters and valuable experience to your colleagues. Whether it is through volunteering time and skills, through shared expertise and insight, or by coming together to create or participate in organised fundraising events, SUDEP Action truly value the wide range of support corporate partnerships bring to our beneficiaries and the positive difference it makes to their lives.


To find out more about how your company or organisation can work together with SUDEP Action to help change lives, email [email protected] or phone 01235 772850 for an informal discussion about the opportunities we have to work together.

Together we can make a difference.


Work for Good

               Work for Good

If you want to support SUDEP Action through a small business or venture, and donate just by doing the work you already do - then we’ve an easy way for you to do this.
Why not consider supporting SUDEP Action through Work for Good?
Through Work for Good, you can donate to SUDEP Action through the sales of your products and services, and you can choose the amount and frequency of your donations with no minimum (or maximum!) donation amount.

By pledging your donation via our Work for Good page, you can donate in a legal, simple and sustainable way that works for you and your business.

1. Its free and easy to sign up and create your account

2. Pledge your donation via a Commercial Participation Agreement form, which is created through the Work for Good donations form.

3. You’ll then have the right agreement in place to be able to market your giving and you’ll be able to proudly publicise your support for SUDEP Action

If you’d like to start supporting us, simply sign up and pledge your donation through our Work for Good page.


Our Corporate Partners



Making Websites Better

Website design agency, Making Websites Better are a new corporate supporter for 2020. 





Tritax Symmetry

Tritax Symmetry 

Logistic solution company, Tritax Symmetry are a corporate supporter for 2020. 



Alpha FX 

Currency management solutions company, Alpha FX are one of our corporate supporters for 2020.