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Coffee Club Meetings

There are three deaths a day from epilepsy and people are affected throughout the UK; access to local meetings can be invaluable for those grieving while they struggle to understand what happened and why.

SUDEP Action Coffee Club meetings are in areas all around the UK, throughout the year.

People grieve in different ways, even within the same family. It is helpful for bereaved people to have the opportunity to seek out others that they can identify with and who may mirror their way of grieving. Being with people going through similar experiences can help to normalise feelings and highlight coping strategies that may help and provide opportunities to access further peer support. 

These meetings can provide a space to swap ideas for fundraising; for raising awareness; for getting through the inquest or to discuss strategies for coping with day to day life. Whatever your reasons for meeting up – the main purpose of the meetings is to let you know you are not alone.

The meetings are usually around 2 hours long, though you can stay for as much or as little of that time as you wish.  Coffee Clubs are often hosted by SUDEP Action volunteers who have been bereaved themselves, and they will provide you with some up-to-date information on charity activities and resources to take away, but ultimately the time is yours to be with others.

If you would like to discuss running a SUDEP Action Coffee Club meeting in your area, contact Vicky Masters-Read, on 01235 772850 or [email protected]

Upcoming coffee club meetings in 2024:

* Saturday 22nd June - Bristol - 10.30am until 12.30pm

* Saturday 22nd June - Guildford - 11.30am until 2pm

* Saturday 27th July - Letchworth Garden City - 10am until noon 


If you are interested in attending a Coffee Club meeting in your area, please complete the below form: 

(You will only be contacted with further Coffee Club information for your region.) 

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