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Coffee Club Meetings

There are 3 deaths a day from epilepsy and the people affected are spread throughout the UK; access to local meetings can be a life saver for them while they struggle to understand what happened and why.  Travelling to a central UK meeting can seem quite daunting in the early period after a death and access to a local venue would benefit the bereaved greatly. That is why the SUDEP Action Coffee Club meetings are launching in areas around the UK in the coming months.

People grieve in different ways, even within the same family. It is helpful for bereaved people to have the opportunity to seek out those that they can identify with, who mirror their way of grieving.  Being with others who are similar can help to normalise feelings, highlight coping strategies that may help and provide opportunities to access further peer support. 

These meetings can also be a space to swap ideas for fundraising; for raising awareness; for getting through the inquest or to discuss strategies for coping with day to day life, whatever your reasons for meeting up – the main outcome of the meetings is to know you are not alone, that others have been there too.


Our upcoming Coffee Club meetings are listed below once bookings open - you can access the invitiation by clicking the location. They are also advertised on our social media platforms. 

Dates for our next meetings

Edingburgh       -      29 April

Guildford            -      6 May

If you are interested in attending a Coffee Club meeting in your area, please complete the below form: 

(Note: You will be added to a list for when meetings are scheduled for your region but will not receive a reply. If you are a new member, your details will be placed on a list to be contacted only with further Coffee Club information).