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Checklist Research

The content and risk factors identified in the SUDEP and Seizure Safety Checklist are underpinned by the current key research in the field


The SUDEP Global Conversation plays an important role in summarising many of the key themes related to Epilepsy/SUDEP risk management.

We would recommend clinicians using the tool take a look at these core articles for an overview from the leading experts:

  1. Epilepsy kills: stopping epilepsy-related death (Sander)
  2. Are we as safe as we can be? (Shankar)
  3. Risk factors for SUDEP (Tomson)
  4. How common is SUDEP, Reconsidering the data (Thurman)
  5. Implications for clinical practice - SUDEP in adults with an intellectual disability (Kerr)
  6. SUDEP and pregnancy (Nashef)
  7. Risk avoidance and supervision (Brown)
  8. How can we translate population research into practice to avoidable death in epilepsy: a road map for the UK (Ridsdale)
  9. Clinical guidance for the generalist (Smithson)
  10. Clinical implications of SUDEP (Johnson and Smith)

SUDEP & Seizure Safety Checklist References

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Checklist & EpSMon Published Research 

Find out how the Checklist was developed & the research which influenced this process.  

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