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SUDEP and Seizure Safety Checklist

A free evidence based tool supporting Clinicians in discussing risk with their Epilepsy patients during consultations and epilepsy reviews

It considers risk factors associated with epilepsy mortality, including (but not restricted to) Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)


The Checklist was developed in Cornwall (UK) as a collaboration between SUDEP Action & Cornwall partnership NHS Foundation Trust. It is supported by a Development Group of leading experts in the field.

The Project is funded by SUDEP Action and the bereaved families who support them, to help people with epilepsy and their clinicians discuss & reduce epilepsy risks; with the hope that this helps reduce the number of lives lost to Epilepsy each year

The Checklist & EpSMon Projects have been recognised as having the potential to transform Epilepsy Patient Safety and improve outcomes for people living with the condition, when used to create a holistic approach to Epilepsy Risk discussion and management.
                                  "A comprehensive and innovative approach to reduce sudden death in patients with epilepsy, and easily transferable outside the UK.” (British Medical Journal Judge)

For a more detailed overview of epilepsy risks (including SUDEP) & the tools / resources available to reduce risks click here

UK NICE Guidelines state: 'Everyone providing care or treatment for children, young people and adults with epilepsy should be able to provide essential information'. (Section 1.3.7) 

Which is why all clinicians caring for people with epilepsy can register for the Checklist to support them in having these vital discussions.
 The Checklist supports collaboration between patients and doctors about discussing & managing Epilepsy risks, and is intended to be used alongside national guidance and patient pathways

(For those not directly involved in epilepsy care, or for parents/carers, see the free award-winning EpSMon app, and our range of free information leaflets)

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You will automatically receive updated versions of the Checklist once you have registered for the tool. 

Once registered why not take a look at the other Checklist webpages: DevelopmentResearch, Case Studies, Resources & FAQs


(Please note registration is not automatic and we try to process these as often as possible. If you have previously registered & think you may be missing emails about the Checklist please contact [email protected])