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Call to action against Epilepsy deaths


A recent Public Health England report showed that neurology deaths are increasing, but deaths from other conditions have fallen.
At least 21 people with epilepsy die each week; yet we know many deaths are preventable.

SUDEP Action and many other epilepsy and neurology organisations are standing together to call for action to be taken against epilepsy deaths.
But we need your help to keep this momentum going!

Over the last few weeks, we have been campaigning to draw attention to the shocking statistics highlighted in the recent Public Health England report

The report has highlighted a 39% increase in neurological deaths since 2001, and people with a neurological condition are 35% more likely to die prematurely. The report also states that alarmingly 49% of deaths associated with epilepsy were premature, with deaths from epilepsy being three times more likely in deprived areas. However, sadly this is something we at SUDEP Action have known, and have been tackling for over 21 years. 

This is why we've joined forces with other organisations to lead a call to action for Government to support us in tackling this tragic and in many cases avoidable epilepsy deaths. 

We have written to the Secretary of State for Health and Social care requesting a meeting with a delegation from those supporting, led by SUDEP Action, to address this alarming and deadly issue before more lives are needlessly lost. This issue has also received coverage from the Sunday Times, the Health Service Journal and the British Medical Journal.

We will hopefully have some exciting updates for you in the coming weeks - but we still need your help to bring this issue to public attention!

How you can help:

1. If you haven't done so already, please pledge your support to this campaign by signing up here.

2. Can you write to your local MP to alert them to our campaign and ask for their support in securing our meeting (& any other help they may be able to give)?

A template letter is available to download below (please personalise this to show why this issue is important to you, if you wish), and you can find out your MP's details here


File MP Letter - Public Health England Neurology Deaths report

3. Don't forget you can also follow us via our website or on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


This page will be updated as the campaign progresses so keep checking back!

Thank you for supporting this vital campaign!