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World Brain Day 2014 - Working to raise worldwide awareness of epilepsy


The world federation of neurology celebrates the brain annually. This year it is concentrating on the topic of Epilepsy. This follows the resolution of the World Health Assembly in May 2015 which calls on the WHO Secretariat to continue to lead and coordinate support to Member States in addressing the global burden of epilepsy so that people with epilepsy can receive timely treatment and can benefit from educational and occupational opportunities, free from stigma and discrimination.

This year’s World Brain Day is a collaborative effort between the WFN, WHO, International League against epilepsy (ILAE) and International Bureau of epilepsy (IBE). The 22nd July marks a special day in the history of neurology advocacy. They are supported by Epilepsy charities across the world, including SUDEP Action, to work together in helping to raise worldwide awareness.

The main objective of world brain day is to promote brain health by preventing and caring for all neurological diseases. This year the awareness campaign is dedicated toward epilepsy care.

They hope to reach about 100 million people around globe through multi lingual, multi media campaigns jointly organized by WFN, WHO, ILAE and IBE.

SUDEP Action are proud to support this year’s World Brain day and are committed to raising awareness of epilepsy risks and mortality to help people with epilepsy make informed choices in living with the condition and to help reduce the numbers of potentially avoidable deaths each year. 

More information about World Brain Day can be found here