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Wing Walk for Erin


Emma Taylor, one of SUDEP Action’s dedicated supporters, is bravely taking on the challenge of a Wing Walk this Friday on the 12th July 2024.

“I’m doing this as it's completely out of my comfort zone and it’s something, as with my skydive, that Erin would never have thought I would do.”

Her daughter Erin, born 24th January 1999, sadly died of SUDEP on the 5th March 2018 just months following her 19th birthday.

Erin was unexpectedly diagnosed with epilepsy back in 2012. Emma has been campaigning and fundraising in her name since her death, setting up Erin’s Wish to encourage awareness of epilepsy and research into SUDEP.

Emma completed a skydive back in August 2022 and wanted to return to fundraising by doing something new.

“I jumped out of a plane, surely this can’t be worse than a sky-dive. I know in my heart of hearts that if Erin was here she would be looking at me and saying ‘God, mum, you must be stupid’ so I’m just thinking I’m going to do it just because of that. It’s something she wouldn’t have anticipated me to do and if I can raise an amount of money in the process then, again, it’s just helping get the awareness out there.”

With this Wing Walk, Emma is hoping to kickstart her fundraising again after taking a short break. She encourages: “With your help we can strive to make a difference, and if I can make a small difference to another family whilst going through the trauma I have as part of my life now then I hope Erin is looking down proudly at me.”

You can visit Erin’s Wish page or you can support Emma on Just Giving here.