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We all need to 'be more Hannah'


A family is urging each other to ‘be more Hannah’ in memory of Hannah Smith, who died last year from SUDEP.

Hannah’s mother Susannah Fitchett said: “Last year our beautiful Hannah died.  She was a wife, mother,  twin sister and our daughter. Hannah was one of those incredibly rare people in life who makes you feel special, heard, understood and loved. Many people have talked about her beautiful energy, kindness and openness, which disarmed you and made you feel you could wholly be yourself. She had the most infectious laugh and a wonderful zest for life. When deliberating on a tough decision or trying to plan, we often say ‘Be More Hannah.’ She made moments special and made life count.”

Since Hannah’s death last March, the family has been struggling to digest the information received from the coroner’s report, which found she died of  SUDEP. More than 21 people with epilepsy die each week. Most are young and apart from their epilepsy, in good health otherwise.

This summer, Hannah’s family are undertaking a series of fundraising events, including a 10km run, a sponsored swim and sunrise and sunset walks across places in Edinburgh that Hannah knew and loved. These walks will take place over the weekend of June 14-16. Hannah was born and raised in Edinburgh, attending local schools and the city’s university.

The family hope that people who knew Hannah will walk with them to remember her and share memories.  

“Sunrise was a special time for Hannah, allowing her space and time to feel refreshed’ said Susannah.
“Hannah would rise early and walk along the shoreline in Altona with a friend to meet the rising sun. As they walked, they would share their week’s  experiences,  supporting each other,  discussing motherhood and family life. Those walks allowed Hannah to feel energised, refreshed, renewed and ready to begin her day.”

The family is raising money for SUDEP Action.

The walks will take place as follows:

Friday June 14th
 4.27 am, a sunrise walk from Rosewell to Lasswade.

This is where Hannah lived as a child, took part in gymnastics and had many friends.


Saturday June 15th
7.15am, sunset Walk from Slateford to Arthur’s Seat.

Taking in places where Hannah lived as a student, went to school and worked.


Sunday June 16th

4.26am, sunrise walk from Portobello to the Meadows.

Again, taking places where Hannah was born, lived and worked.

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