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Supporting high standards of care from Nurses and Midwives

Many people with epilepsy need to see a Nurse or midwife at some point as part of their epilepsy care and treatment plan. It is really important that whatever the reason for seeing them, people with epilepsy get high standards of care, information and guidance from these professionals. This helps them work together to effectively manage their condition and help keep themselves safe. 

That is why we are pleased to hear that earlier this year, the Nursing and Midwifery Council produced an updated version of their professional code; outlining exactly what good care should look like and what you should expect as one of their patients.

The Code details the standards nurses and midwives must work to every day and they focus on four key areas: 

•    prioritising people
•    practising effectively
•    preserving safety
•    promoting professionalism and trust

Nurses and Midwives worked to produce this latest edition of the Code that will reinforce the professionalism and high standards practiced by many; with the potential that those who don’t comply may have their fitness to practice questioned. 

This is a positive step in providing consistent standards of care generally across the NHS but specifically for people with epilepsy for whom high standards of care are particularly important to help manage their condition and help keep them safe. 

Find out more about the Code here