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SUDEP ACTION welcomes new Epilepsy National Commissioning Nurse

We wish to congratulate Juliet Ashton on her appointment as Epilepsy National Commissioning Nurse.  This is a new role to the field of Neurology.  It is aimed at promoting best practice and identifying gaps in neurology services.  The role will help improve care and treatment for people with epilepsy as well as local epilepsy services throughout England.   

As Sapphire Nurse Consultant for epilepsy commissioning, Juliet will help provide expert advice and support to the Clinical Commissioning Groups in charge of providing epilepsy health services. 

Commenting on her new role, Juliet says: “I am enjoying travelling across the country speaking to a diverse cross section of people with epilepsy, families, health and social care professionals, discovering some good ideas of best practice and what could be made better by delivering services in a different way.

Everyone has been really open and positive to these conversations, providing me with lots of ideas to implement. A key area of the pathway development is modifying risks and ensuring that SUDEP is discussed. I have been using The Epilepsy Deaths Register, drawing on its findings to help identify gaps in services

SUDEP Action Acting Chief Executive Karen Osland has welcomed Juliet’s role saying: “It is great to see the need identified for this post by Epilepsy Action and Epilepsy Society who have funded the role, working in collaboration with Neurological Commissioning Support.” 

I believe Juliet is exactly right for this post, she already has a broad understanding of services not only for people with epilepsy, but for those bereaved by epilepsy.  It is important that the services are looked at in depth with a view to improving them across the board. I look forward to working closely with Juliet and I am glad that information from The Epilepsy Deaths Register can be used to highlight any gaps in service provision where necessary.

Juliet has more than 25 years’ experience in neurology nursing across different fields.  These include specialist nursing roles in acquired brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s.  

Juliet has been involved in setting up the 'epilepsy alliance' between the Epilepsy Specialist Nurse Association and Epilepsy Action. 

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