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SUDEP Action welcomes new eGP website with resources on risk

SUDEP Action has welcomed the new eGP website developed by our part-time International Research Officer, Dr Rosey Panelli.  The epilepsy website for Australian GPs is now online.  The site aims to promote enhanced support of people with epilepsy in primary care.

SUDEP Action Chief Executive Jane Hanna OBE said: “Although this site targets Australian GPs, it should be of interest to any primary care professional whose day to day practice involves people with epilepsy and their families.  Anyone using the site will be left in no doubt about the risks facing people with epilepsy and how simple measures could vastly enhance care”.

Having worked in the epilepsy field before moving into general practice, Dr Panelli says she has observed that GPs are the missing link in epilepsy care: “GPs see fewer patients with epilepsy than other chronic conditions and they have little opportunity to develop epilepsy experience. They are unclear about the contribution they can make to the management of people with epilepsy” she said.

“Australians with epilepsy have access to quality specialist referrals which is a key to successful management, but patients would benefit from the day-to day monitoring and education for self-management that informed GPs and practice nurses can provide. There are many general health issues and comorbidities associated with epilepsy including mood disorders, reproductive and social issues that patients need to discuss with their GPs” Dr Panelli said.

“Epilepsy carries a risk of injury, and even death, so regular risk assessment in conjunction with a GP should be an important part of a patient's ongoing epilepsy care” Dr Panelli said.

Dr Panelli said: “Medicare promotes support for people with chronic disease at the primary health level but GPs overlook this option for patients with epilepsy. I hope that the eGP initiative will help to engage GPs in epilepsy management , thereby improving health outcomes and quality of life for people with epilepsy"

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