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SUDEP Action urges supporters to take part in Purple Day

We are urging our supporters to join us in marking this year’s Purple Day on March 26, 2015. This is an important day to raise awareness of epilepsy worldwide. You can do this by joining our social media campaign, hosting events, wearing purple and much more.

This year we have a special message and are inviting you to help us spread this message far and wide. 

This Purple Day, all proceeds raised will go towards our campaign to fund a Wearable Apnoea Detection Device (WADD) to be tested on people with epilepsy.

The WADD is a monitoring device that has been proved to detect seizures. It needs testing on 50 people with epilepsy to see how accurate and reliable it is on people having seizures.  The ultimate aim is produce a minute device which could be worn at all times by people at high risk of SUDEP.  To find out more about this project please click here.

SUDEP Action receives no government funding. We rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to continue our work. By purchasing Purple or selling Purple Day merchandise you will be directly supporting our goals to raise awareness and improve understanding and management of epilepsy risk for people with epilepsy.

To order your Purple Day goodies visit our online shop. Check out all these fan Purple activities you can do including our Purple Baking competition

Also let us know if you need a press release for your local paper to cover your Purple Day event or activities to reach more people. You can request for a press release by emailing [email protected]