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SUDEP Action Scientific Advisor Appointed Clinical Champion For Epilepsy


Dr Greg Rogers, GP with a special interest in epilepsy, Kent has been appointed clinical champion for Epilepsy Care by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).  Dr. Rogers is among 3 other champions appointed to lead the College’s priorities from 2013 to 2016. 

As clinical champion, Dr Rogers will work in partnership with key decision-makers in epilepsy.  He will help raise the profile of clinical priorities and influence projects aimed at improving care for people with epilepsy.  

Dr Rogers has worked as scientific advisor with SUDEP Action for many years. Commenting on the appointment, SUDEP Action Chief Executive Jane Hanna said: “SUDEP Action is thrilled that Dr Greg Rogers has been appointed by the Royal College of General Practitioners as the Clinical Champion for Epilepsy.  Dr Rogers has been a successful champion for epilepsy in general practice.  He helped to secure financial payments for GPs who registered and monitored their patients with epilepsy and has worked tirelessly since then to promote epilepsy care in General Practice.  We are confident that Greg will make the most of this new opportunity to drive forward necessary improvements”.

Commenting on his work with SUDEP Action Dr Rogers stated that: “Through the worth of Epilepsy Bereaved and looking ahead with SUDEP Action the work of this small but influential group I am sure will be needed to keep the care of people with epilepsy in the medical and political spotlight. There truly has been a seismic shift in thinking and practice on SUDEP and epilepsy mortality over the past 15 hears that I have been involved in Primary care epilepsy and this is largely all due to this group” 
Dr Rogers is the current Chair of the UK GP Epilepsy Society and the International League Against Epilepsy.  He is also a national adviser to NICE and has sat on a number of guideline development groups.

He is currently working on a PhD on epilepsy service provision and re-design at University College London (UCL).  He has published several research papers and chapters into the role of GPs in caring for patients with epilepsy, is on the Editorial Board of Practical Neurology at the BMA, and also sits on the Personal Health Budget RCGP/DH task group.

The other 3 clinical champions appointed by the RCGP include Dr Kathryn Griffith for Chronic Kidney Disease, Dr Jane Roberts for Youth Mental Health and Dr Waqaar Shah for Eye Health with a Focus on Ageing.

For more information visit the Royal College of General Practitioners website