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SUDEP Action partner with Epilepsy Action Australia for global awareness campaign

Epilepsy Action Australia


SUDEP Action has established an exciting new collaboration with Epilepsy Action Australia in time for SUDEP Action Day 2017. This collaboration provides the most current information related to epilepsy-related death to families across Australia.   

Epilepsy affects approximately 250,000 Australians, and yet very few people are aware that people with epilepsy are at risk of Sudden Unexpected Death from Epilepsy (SUDEP).

The first phase of this project has seen Epilepsy Action Australia adopt SUDEP Action’s new information pages on epilepsy risks, mortality and risk reduction. They will also be distributing specially adapted versions of our information leaflets to clinicians, families and people with epilepsy across Australia; starting with SUDEP Explained for Health Professionals and Reducing Risks leaflets.

Carol Ireland, Chief Executive Officer of Epilepsy Action Australia, said she was “delighted to launch this powerful partnership that she hopes will lead to more research, awareness and more lives saved. Ensuring people have a reliable source of information is the first important step. Through combining our strengths, we hope to reach as many professionals and families as possible across Australia,” said Carol.

This year’s International SUDEP Action Day is on Monday, 23 October, and is dedicated to raising much-needed awareness of, and taking action against this silent but tragic consequence from epilepsy. 

SUDEP Action CEO, Jane Hanna OBE said: “We are excited about the shared commitment that this partnership represents to tackling SUDEP and epilepsy deaths in Australia. Collaboration is the best way to tackle this and maximise value to the epilepsy community.”

SUDEP Action has always welcomed collaborations with organisations in the UK and across the globe, to support increasing awareness of epilepsy risks and mortality. However, this is the first formal collaboration in Australasia to join forces to tackle these issues using existing resources and knowledge. 

For further information and to hear the latest news about this exciting collaboration visit: 

You can also see Epilepsy Action Australia’s new video about SUDEP, which they will be using to help them raise awareness across Australia here