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SUDEP Action highlights risk information and tools to Epilepsy Nurses at the ESNA Conference 2016

SUDEP Action attended the 2016 Epilepsy Specialist Nurses Association (ESNA) National Conference in Manchester. Attended by Epilepsy Specialist Nurses from across the UK, the conference was a great opportunity to raise awareness of the charity’s services, information and communication tools. 

The two-day conference from 19 to 20 June, involved a series of presentations, one of which was led by Dr Rohit Shankar who talked about the SUDEP and Seizure Safety Checklist and EpSMon projects. He discussed the project's development and motivations; sharing statistics and personal stories about the impact of epilepsy deaths on individuals, families and the National Health Services. Dr Shankar also talked about the work done by SUDEP Action to raise awareness of risks, providing tools to support both patients and clinicians. He highlighted how health professionals can play an important and vital role by telling bereaved families about our specialist Bereavement Support services and The Epilepsy Deaths Register. 

SUDEP Action had an information stand running throughout the conference, managed by Trustee Simon Lees who has experience attending similar events. Simon met with many of the attendees, informing them about SUDEP Action services, in particular the SUDEP and Seizure Safety Checklist, EpSMon & The Epilepsy Deaths Register. Many of them took away information leaflets and expressed their support for the charity. Over 45 Epilepsy Specialist Nurses asked for further information, resources & to be kept up to date with charity news and there has been a surge in clinicians registering for the SUDEP & Seizure Safety Checklist since the conference! 

Simon summed up the conferences by saying: ”It was great to get the opportunity to represent SUDEP Action at the ESNA Conference and to meet many nurses who are both supportive of the charity and dedicated to provide the best care for their patients with epilepsy. As someone who has epilepsy, it was reassuring to speak to health professionals dedicated to keeping people with epilepsy safer and who were enthusiastic about SUDEP Action and their new communication tools, EpSMon & the SUDEP & Seizure Safety Checklist.”

If you’re a health professional & would like to find out more about how our communication tools can support you and your patients’ epilepsy management & risk awareness, please visit the SUDEP & Seizure Safety Checklist and EpSMon pages. 

Health Professionals can also take part in our free SUDEP & Seizure Safety E-learning course, which counts towards CPD, please click here for details.