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SUDEP Action campaign highlighted by Minister


SUDEP Action, formerly Epilepsy Bereaved has embarked on a campaign aimed at increasing support for the Epilepsy Deaths Register and work on prevention of deaths. 

Norman Lamb MP, minster for care said in debate on 29th January 2013:  "I met representatives of Epilepsy Bereaved to discuss sudden, unexpected death resulting from epilepsy, and I found it an incredibly useful session. I learned a lot about the extent to which, through better care, we could significantly reduce the number of people who die in such circumstances. It is, therefore, incumbent on the whole NHS to ensure that we raise the level of care to the standard of the best. If we can do that, we will make a real difference."

Paul Burstow MP, former minister for care, is also tabling two Early Day Motions to raise awareness in Parliament.  

SUDEP Action has organised a Westminster Reception to inform MPs about the Epilepsy Deaths Register.  The reception will be held on 4th June 2013.  A briefing will be available for all MPs attending or willing to support.  MPs will be asked to raise awareness of the register in their constituency as well as in Parliament.

It is not too late for you to contact us at [email protected] if you want to speak to your MP about the campaign.