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Scottish Inquiry on SUDEP attracts global attention

The Scottish Fatal Accident Inquiry determination that SUDEP should be discussed unless it would cause serious harm to a particular patient has received widespread coverage.

The findings of the inquiry into the deaths of Erin Casey and Christina Ilia made national news in Scotland and in the UK and also reached a world audience.

The Inquiry was presented to delegates at the World Epilepsy Congress and on international websites as far abroad as the India Times.

Epilepsy Bereaved Director Jane Hanna OBE said: “I am pleased that the clear direction from a Scottish Judge that ‘the vast majority of patients with epilepsy, or their parents or carers where appropriate, should be advised of the risk of SUDEP has made national news across Scotland and the UK, and indeed reached global audiences. Epilepsy Bereaved will work to support the recommendations making a real difference for the future” 

Professor Stephen Brown: “Although the Sheriff’s findings are part of the Scottish legal process, the scope of the inquiry and careful consideration of the evidence has relevance to the whole of the UK and beyond”