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Safe and sound? A systematic literature review of seizure detection methods for personal use

Published earlier this year by the team involved in our EpSMon project, including SUDEP Action CEO Jane Hanna, this article investigates the range of seizure detection methods and devices that are increasing in popularity among the epilepsy community. The review of literature into these devices considers the available evidence in order to help people with epilepsy, their families and clinicians make informed choices about whether to use such devices as part of their care and risk management plans. 

The article has been recognized in Seizure (the official journal of Epilepsy Action), in which it is published, as the Editors Choice. It was awarded this by Dr Mark Reuber, the Editor-in-Chief because of its ‘medical or social importance for people with epilepsy and researchers in the fields related to epilepsy’. Because of this, the article has been made freely accessible to read and download, and the editors have written a commentary about the article. 

The article is available here
To read the commentary visit the Seizure Journal  

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