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New MHRA valproate guidance: Our position


This week’s update on the MHRA review into the safe use of valproate took us, and other epilepsy organisations, by surprise. We have registered our serious concerns with the MHRA and have reached out to gather responses from our PREVENT21 experts who champion the prevention of SUDEP. 

We are now gathering evidence but it is vital that SUDEP / mortality risk discussions happen alongside valproate discussions. SUDEP / premature death is a real risk for people with epilepsy. Not taking medication is a key risk factor. Anyone with epilepsy, including pregnant women, must have these safety risks discussed with them so they can make informed choices about their medication, treatment and lifestyle.

This is why we have information about sodium valproate risks already in our SUDEP & Seizure Safety Checklist (for clinicians) and our EpSMon app (for people with epilepsy).

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