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Memorial Service - 20 May 2017


The 2017 Memorial Service in James’ Church, Piccadilly, London brought more than 160 people bereaved by epilepsy together. People travelled from all over the UK to come together in honour of those who had lost their lives. The service was put together from suggestions of music, prayers and readings from our bereaved families, which made it very personal to many.  During the service there was an opportunity for people to reflect and to remember loved ones, with others who understood their devastating loss. Although the service was deeply emotional, many people said they felt comforted, they appreciated being together.

Feedback from some of the bereaved at the Memorial Service:

"Today's service was beautiful. The selection of music and readings were perfect."

"This was perfect for me, the funeral passed in a blur and while others could say their goodbye’s I was in too much of a bad way. Today I feel I have been more able to do that, I have cried but it has been helpful."

"Thank you for arranging for us to attend the memorial service on Saturday. My parents and I thought the service was lovely and found it helpful to chat to some of the other families afterwards."

Reverend Ivan Khovacs, who conducted the service said;
"It was an honour to be with this very special group of people, coming from as far away as Ayrshire. I specially valued meeting with individuals and families afterwards around the photographic display, and learning about the individuals who they came to honour and remember."

You  can access a copy of the 2017 Order of Service.
The next Memorial service will be held in 2020.